Tilly’s Test Kitchen

Welcome to Tilly’s Test Kitchen. Here I will list posts where I have tried variations of recipes, ingredients and/or techniques in the hopes of determining the best possible combination for a specific dish. Not every dish will end up with a “Final” result, whereby I proclaim that this recipe could not possibly be improved upon. There are some dishes that may continue to be a “work in progress” until the day when something finally clicks and I can put the recipe to rest.

Tilly’s Test Kitchen (TTK) is in no way affiliated with America’s Test Kitchen. I neither claim to have the expertise, training, or staff capable of duplicating anything close to what they do. What I plan to do is take recipes, or variations of several recipes, prepare them, and then have the family judge what they like about each, what they don’t like, and which one, if any, is a clear winner.

I don’t claim to know the science behind the techniques or ingredients, other than what I’ve learned from experience and possibly researching on the internet or reading in my ever-growing collection of cookbooks. I have no formal cooking training. I am just a housewife with aspirations of making every meal here at home worth coming home for. I play around with ingredients in the hopes of eventualizing a dish that is a “keeper” and possibly even attaining the ultimate proclamation from Hubby — “company worthy.”

Not every recipe here on my site is going to be put through the rigors afforded a TTK label, but when one does, it will be indexed in my Tilly’s Test Kitchen page. Note that each recipe I’ve made will be included, sometimes over one or more posts, and then my families choice with our reasons for choosing it, will be revealed. This way, if our reasons for eliminating a recipe are contrary to your tastes, you can try all the recipes for yourself.

So please check back on occasion to see which recipes I’ve made changes to, experimented with, or just had an epiphany on. Sometimes it’s just something as simple as deciding that white meat chicken is better than dark in a particular recipe, while at other times I may revamp a recipe entirely.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope my findings are helpful to you on your road to discovering food worth coming home to. ~ Tilly