Strawberry Tiramisu Stuffed French Toast

About a year ago I began exploring the world of stuffed French toast. I cannot believe that I made it some 48+ years without having made, let alone eaten, this unbelievably rich and versatile French toast. Looking back I realize I really must get out more — or at the very least get out from this rock I’ve been living under.

Once I made my first version of stuffed French toast, the possibilities and variations to be made transformed breakfast into a meal worthy of candlelight and wine. Okay, so I didn’t light the candles or open the bottle of wine, but truly with something as elegant as this breakfast option, I’m sure that someone, somewhere could go as far. Continue reading


Bananas Foster French Toast

Bananas are one of my favorite fruits and on any given day of the week you are sure to find at least one in the fruit bowl. What I really love about this fruit is that there isn’t a “season” for it. No matter the time of year, you can always find bananas at the fruit market or grocery store and even better is they are not too expensive. I think the most I’ve paid for them would be around $.69 a pound and that’s going high. Typically I can find them for $.39 to $.49 per pound, but even at $.69 a bunch of bananas is still under $2.00.

When I buy bananas, I like to get two bunches. One bunch is really green and the other is just past the green stage. This way I have bananas for at least a week, sometimes even two. Of course there have been times that I’ve let the bananas ripen and didn’t have an opportunity to make anything with them, so the freezer has several bags of sliced bananas to use in smoothies, bread, muffins, or even the recipe I’m going to share today for Bananas Foster topping, which is awesome on French toast, but equally as good on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, vanilla or caramel cake, crepes or even in yogurt. Continue reading

Perfect French Toast: How To Avoid Soggy French Toast

French toast is a dish that when prepared correctly can be decadent, but when prepared incorrectly it can be a disastrous mess. To make the perfect French toast there are a few things you need to consider and a few tricks I have picked up through the years.

Your first consideration should be what type of bread to use. There are a tremendous amount of choices that would qualify for an appropriate bread, sandwich bread not being one of them. A few of the choices would be French bread, Italian bread, brioche , ciabatta, raisin bread, or even one of my favorites croissants. For years I made our French toast using sandwich bread, but no matter what I did or how long I cooked it, the results were always soggy. Toasting the bread helped, but using a denser-style bread is essential if you want to keep the sogginess to a minimum.

Continue reading

French Toast Muffins with Cream Cheese Icing

I marvel at the people who have loaves of bread just sitting around to use in those wonderful recipes that call for “12 cups of French bread cubes.” Who has this? Certainly not me! Why is it assumed that people would just happen to have this much bread just waiting to be used up?

When I decide to make a recipe that calls for “leftover bread” or let’s face it here, “bread,” it has to go on the shopping list. Bread doesn’t just magically appear out of nowhere in our house. Each loaf is carefully chosen for a specific purpose and if for some unforeseen reason there ends up being leftovers, there is never enough to do much more than make bread crumbs and throw them in the freezer. Continue reading