Homemade Sauerkraut – Revisited- Easy Fermenter Fermenting Lids

Homemade sauerkraut is by far one of the easiest side dishes to make and so much better than store-bought. In the past, I made sauerkraut in mason jars with standard canning lids. The trouble with this, is the fermenting process could not be regulated easily and some of the finished product had to be discarded because of mold or spoilage. Continue reading


Mexican App, Side or Main Dish – Chile Rellenos Casserole

Chile Rellenos can be prepared a number of ways. Some are very complicated and time consuming, while others, like this one, are quick and easy. Tossing all the ingredients in an 8×8 pan, baking for 25 minutes, and serving plain or maybe with a little salsa and sour cream — well, that makes for some easy dinner prep. Continue reading

Streamlining Mom’s Recipe for Brown Rice

When my brother got married in 1989, my mother made a booklet of her most frequently used recipes for her new daughter-in-law. I’m not sure if my sister-in-law was very thrilled with this gift and the expectation that she would be using the recipes to cook for my brother, but my brother was very grateful for it.

At the time, I was single and living on my own. When I saw the book, I immediately asked my mother why I had never gotten one. Obvious answer — Well, you’re not married. Oh. So I guess in order to be worthy to carry on the tradition of my mother’s recipes I needed to be married. I see. Continue reading

The Quest for the Perfect Curly Fries

It’s been more than 10 years since our family made the decision to stop eating “fast food.” Other than Zeb, who goes on occasion with friends from school, the rest of us have been McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and all the rest – free! Choosing to eat healthier and going along in a broad way with Ted Nugent’s theory on eating~If I don’t grow it or kill it, I don’t eat it, (not a direct quote, but my take on his approach in a nutshell) we strive to eat only food that I prepare with as little “processed” ingredients as realistically convenient. You like how I phrased that? Not a lawyer out there who could have done better! Continue reading

Fancying-Up Peppers – Greek-Style Stuffed Roasted Peppers

One of my new favorite cheeses to cook with is feta. Sure I’ve used it for years in Greek salad and enjoyed it on pizza as a special treat, but other than tossing a few crumbles on grilled chicken on occasion, that was pretty much it.

When Hubby and I discovered borek (click HERE for my recipe), made with Bulgarian feta, well that was just the cat’s meow. Teaching myself to make borek at home opened up more opportunities to use feta cheese and the opportunities keep on coming. Continue reading