There’s No Such Thing As TOO Much Zucchini! Super Cheesy Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini is excellent in breads, muffins, cakes, scones, and even cookies. There are so many recipes out there that I have never understood how anyone can complain about having too much zucchini when they plant it in their garden. I have planted zucchini a few times and never ran out of uses for it. In fact, even with a good harvest, I still find myself buying more from local farms or accepting overflow from my neighbors. Continue reading


Sides As Meals – Tortellini Pasta Primavera

In our house it is necessary to have food available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Being that we don’t practice the art of eating out, everyone who isn’t home during any of these meals, either packs it or starves. That is why when I am planning meals, I always plan on leftovers in some form or other. This goes for main dishes as well as sides. Continue reading

Kapusta Casserole – A Meal In Itself

While I look at traditional kapusta as being a side dish, this casserole version is definitely hearty enough to be a meal. This particular recipe is only for an 8×8 pan, but if doubled would fill a 13×9 pan and be great for potlucks or picnics where you have a crowd to feed. Continue reading

Polish Kapusta – Breaking the Sauerkraut Stigma

Kapusta is a Polish dish of braised or stewed sauerkraut or cabbage, with bacon, mushroom and onion or garlic. Although I have made this the traditional way with bacon and mushroom, most of the time we prefer to have it with smoked kielbasa in place of the bacon and no mushroom. It’s not that we don’t like the original version, it’s just the kielbasa really takes the flavor meter up a notch whereas the bacon can sometimes get lost in the flavor of the sauerkraut. Continue reading