Kapusta Overload – Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Through the years I have learned that making various versions of a basic recipe can really help the dinner menu from getting old. When it comes to preparing kapusta for dinner or a side dish, this has held especially true. Continue reading


Kapusta Casserole – A Meal In Itself

While I look at traditional kapusta as being a side dish, this casserole version is definitely hearty enough to be a meal. This particular recipe is only for an 8×8 pan, but if doubled would fill a 13×9 pan and be great for potlucks or picnics where you have a crowd to feed. Continue reading

Polish Kapusta – Breaking the Sauerkraut Stigma

Kapusta is a Polish dish of braised or stewed sauerkraut or cabbage, with bacon, mushroom and onion or garlic. Although I have made this the traditional way with bacon and mushroom, most of the time we prefer to have it with smoked kielbasa in place of the bacon and no mushroom. It’s not that we don’t like the original version, it’s just the kielbasa really takes the flavor meter up a notch whereas the bacon can sometimes get lost in the flavor of the sauerkraut. Continue reading

Carnival Inspired Breakfast Food – Pancake & Sausage Breakfast Dogs

I love a good gadget.

Some time ago I was watching one of those aw-inspiring cooking shows and saw a professional version of a corn dog maker. As I watched, I thought how cool it was and my head began filling with other possible uses for such a gadget. Obviously buying a professional grade corn dog maker isn’t in the budget, but I found this little guy on Amazon and ordered it up quick as could be. Continue reading

Country Boy Omelet – The Easy Way

Spending less than two hours in the kitchen for any meal screams “Easy Meal” to me, but many times this may be only because my time management was exceptionally well handled that day. But when I can somehow manage to cut down on the work involved in a favorite meal, well that makes wanting to make that meal all the more enticing. Continue reading