More Pulled Pork Please! — Pulled Pork Philly Sandwiches

For the past few months I have been trying to organize my recipes. I have stacks upon stacks of books, printed off recipes, and binders of typed up or clipped recipes that need to be consolidated, broken up into categories, and just put in some sort of order so I can find what I’m looking for without having to go through everything. It never fails, no matter what recipe I am looking for, a new one, a tried and true one, or one that I’m still trying to perfect, it will be the very last recipe in the very last pile I look.

As I have progressed on this journey I have made some interesting discoveries. First, I have an unbelievable amount of Breakfast & Brunch recipes. So many that I will need at least one three-inch binder to hold just the ones I’ve made and that have been accepted as tried and true. Continue reading


Carnival Inspired Breakfast Food – Pancake & Sausage Breakfast Dogs

I love a good gadget.

Some time ago I was watching one of those aw-inspiring cooking shows and saw a professional version of a corn dog maker. As I watched, I thought how cool it was and my head began filling with other possible uses for such a gadget. Obviously buying a professional grade corn dog maker isn’t in the budget, but I found this little guy on Amazon and ordered it up quick as could be. Continue reading

Fancying-Up Peppers – Greek-Style Stuffed Roasted Peppers

One of my new favorite cheeses to cook with is feta. Sure I’ve used it for years in Greek salad and enjoyed it on pizza as a special treat, but other than tossing a few crumbles on grilled chicken on occasion, that was pretty much it.

When Hubby and I discovered borek (click HERE for my recipe), made with Bulgarian feta, well that was just the cat’s meow. Teaching myself to make borek at home opened up more opportunities to use feta cheese and the opportunities keep on coming. Continue reading