Kitchen Essential or Luxury? – Professional-Grade Meat Slicer

There are some kitchen luxuries that I have become accustomed to in recent years and after using them for some time think it would be very difficult to go back to not having them. They have become Kitchen Essentials. Although many of these are things that people probably would never consider buying because of the great expense or possibly seemingly limited use, I have to say these are luxuries definitely worth considering.

The one I’m referring to today would be my professional-grade meat slicer. Now I did not go out and buy this meat slicer. No siree. This was given to me by my father-in-law. Now that he’s getting older he has very little use for it and offered it to me. At first I was a little, let’s say hesitant because I just figured it was one of those cheap meat slicers that sit on the kitchen counter or more likely a shelf in the basement because although it might slice meat fairly well, it’s not impressive enough to warrant the clean-up or even lugging it out of storage. I had one of those and ended up giving it away to Goodwill.

Well this particular meat slicer happens to be a professional meat slicer, meaning that when you go to the deli department at a grocery store this is the same type of slicer they use. It is heavy-duty, stainless steel, electric, and mammoth as far as counter-top appliances go. This meat slicer allows me to take any grade of meat, as tough as it possibly could be (dare I say even shoe leather), and I can slice it so thin that when I fry it up it melts in your mouth. Honestly, it is so thin you can see through it!

For more than 10 months now I have been buying the cheapest cuts of meat I can find, slicing it, and preparing it for meals. It is amazing what I can get for around $2.49 a pound. I buy from 4 to 6 roasts at one time, bring them home, slice them, separate the meat into 2 pound bags and freeze it. So when it comes to making dinner, all I need to do is defrost the bag of meat and fry it up. This makes for an unbelievably quick meal. Being that the meat is so thin, it fries up in minutes. I just love having meat available for quick meals, especially when I’m sick or too busy to stand around in the kitchen for hours on end.

I would definitely put “professional meat slicer” on my kitchen essentials list, although had I not been given mine for free, I never would have been able to enjoy this luxury. They do sell shaved beef at some local grocery stores, although it can be a bit costly – still, the extra cost is definitely worth it and far less than the $600 – $800 for a professional-grade meat slicer. So if you don’t have a meat slicer to do the job, I would definitely consider stocking up on shaved beef. It’s a staple/kitchen essential I’d suggest for everyone’s freezer.

As for me, I’m now on a quest for recipes to utilize all the wonderful shaved beef I’ve been slicing. Already I’ve added several to my recipe arsenal, and for this and the wonderful meat slicer from my father-in-law, I am – Simply Grateful.


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